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Garland XHP Charbroiler

The XHP Broiler™ is a Garland 36” Heavy-Duty counter broiler using patented, award winning Synergy technology. The XHP Broiler is revolutionizing the industry through high power output and low-energy consumption. It enables you to prepare food (meat, fish or vegetables) faster using as much as 50% less gas than a standard Charbroiler.
The XHP broiler™ gently smokes the food giving it incredible flavor and clear sear marks. Less moisture lost during the cooking process, giving you more succulent food and boasting 50% less shrinkage than a standard Charbroiler.

Water vapor that’s naturally released from the fat and oils during cooking is also absorbed back into the food. Burner system reduces cross flavoring of food, so your vegetables won’t taste of meat or fish. Cool air circulates around the grill to produce temperate surfaces, protecting the operator from high heat.

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