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About Us

Lane Marketing Group demonstrates an energetic, enthusiastic approach to customer care while holding steadfast to our commitment to honesty, integrity, compassion, and perseverance.

LMG provides representation and consulting for the commercial food service equipment industry. Our offices are located in Annapolis serving Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Southeastern West Virginia.

With a strong commitment to schools, colleges, universities, health care facilities, correctional institutions, restaurants, and industrial food service providers, business and industry cafes, the Lane Marketing Group produces demand for commercial food service equipment manufactured by the INDUSTRY LEADERS. Dedicated to meeting the needs of our ever changing industry, the Lane Marketing Group puts the CUSTOMER first.

Areas We Cover

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.

  • South Jersey (Halton and Bizerba Only)
  • Eastern Pennsylvania (Halton and Bizerba Only)
  • Delaware (Halton and Bizerba Only)

The LMG Team

Al Brodersen – Virginia Beach – o. 757.868.5590

Brendan Lane – Baltimore – o. 410.974.1108

Danny Lane – Annapolis – o. 301.858.5058

Ernie Stalnaker – Roanoke – o. 540.563.5533

Leigh Ann Kemp – Annapolis

Melanie Pryor – Annapolis

Patti McIntyre – Annapolis

Steve Houck – Richmond – o. 804.730.0300

Teresa Houck – Richmond

Terry Brown – Annapolis

Tim Coplai – Towson – o. 410.974.1108

Todd Gardner – Silver Spring – o. 301.858.5058

Ruby Freeman – Annapolis

Arturo Hervada – Annapolis

Maureen Hervada – Annapolis

Anne Hornig – Annapolis

Contact Us


Washington DC/Metro Area 301.858.5058
Annapolis/Baltimore Area 410.974.1108
Richmond/Tidewater 804.730.0300
Roanoke/SW Virginia 540.563.5533
FAX 410.757.0293